It was so nice to finally meet you guys, and thanks so much for showing us around. Your nursery is very nice and looks like it is going to work out great! We named our baby Dakoda. Cadien is thrilled with him, she tries to comfort him and play with him. We made pretty good time and we were home by 8pm. He did very well last night. I put him in the dog area and divided it off. So he was with Cadien and Cody but had his own space. He whimperd for about 5 min. and was asleep. Thanks so much and I will keep you updated, he is a sweet heart!
Thank you sooooo much 


Gus Iglesias

I was one of those people who was kind of so so on buying a dog like this on the internet but Daniel was such a pleasure to work with and he is willing to accommodate you in anyway possible so you can get your new little buddy. The dog is awesome. He has a beautiful color and well behaved for a puppy. If I was going to buy
another Dachshund Puppy , I would go through Daniel. I had an awesome experience buying from him, you won't be disappointed. Thank you so much


Nelie Orozco

My family have had a lot of Pets but never had a dog, and we have been searching for months for a reliable site where we could adopt one. You guys were very helpful from day one , till when we got Tee , he came in healthy and lovely, well trained and playful. Even after our first trip to the vet, he was confirmed healthy and up to date on all you promised. You guys are really doing a good Job, thanks for everything. God Bless  you



Max has become our little angel. I have always wanted a Dachshund and thanks to you, I finally got the perfect baby, he is doing very well and is becoming stronger everyday, thanks a million for everything.


Keller's Family.

Haven Dachshund Pups Team! Thank you so much for my lovely Dachshund puppy 🙂 She is so fluffy, energic and so much beautiful! We call her Annie. She is only the second day with us and already became a family honey! She loves running in the garden with our second dog Jerry. Jerry is quite jealous of her, but I think they will become best of friends in a few days 🙂 I will send you more photos and videos in the evening With love.



We adopted our Broc, in July 20th. Besides being absolutely gorgeous,he is the love of our lives. My husband and I have not had luck with our past two dogs due to aggressive behaviors, and Broc has just wiped out all our worries. Others actually bring their dogs to us for socialization. His disposition and love of life is just beyond words. I am an avid runner, and he is my number one partner. ?? He retrieves my shoes and the leash. I have been asked eight times if my Dachshund is a Haven Dachshund Pups



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